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Eduardo Mayén Guatemalan Poet and Writer

Through a narrative of history, fiction, and mystical fantasy, Eduardo Mayén presents love and religious faith as important building blocks for mankind.

The novel “The Protective Archangel” consists of three stories separated in time and space. The three parts are connected by the cross of Joseph of Arimathea who received it in the Holy Sepulchre during the year 30 from the hands of an angel. Joseph took this cross to Spain where it remained until the first voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492.   Subsequently, the cross was carried across the Atlantic on a fictitious fourth ship. Four centuries later, the saga continues when the Archangel Michael is born into a family on a plantation in Maryland, where the main plot of the story will take place.

“The Protector Archangel” is not a historical novel nor does it pretend to be. Eduardo Mayén takes liberty with chronological facts, combining them with events in nature and supernatural intervention. The result is a highly entertaining novel of action which makes use of various situations to send a message of love and religious faith to the reader.

In “The Protective Archangel” the author imagines a story in which direct divine intervention plays a major role in the abolition of slavery in America.

“This novel is a page turner…”

-José Aguilar


The Protective Archangel

Novel’s Story


The Protective Archangel

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