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Eduardo Mayén Guatemalan Poet and Writer

Eduardo Mayén plunges us into a sea of ​​mystery and suspense. Three stories where the unshakable faith and love of God come together to overcome greed, lust for power, and revenge.

The Protective Archangel II, is a novel that takes the readers to a dead end and keep them guessing in suspense. In each chapter the characters come to life. Feel their anxieties, fears, and pains caused by evil and human misery. Readers of this wonderful novel cannot remain indifferent participants in these three exciting stories.

Accompany Philip and Maccabbe in their mission to protect the Holy Cross given to Joseph of Arimathea in the Holy Sepulchre on the day they buried Jesus.

Experince the inhuman suffering of Father Diego de la Cruz, in his quest to attain the holiness and receive the Holy Cross to take to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Walk hand in hand with Andrew Davis and witness the ordeal that he has to face when living the worst nightmare of his life.

"Eduardo Mayén, is emerging as one of the greatest Spanish writers, with this amazing novel."

The Protective Archangel 2

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