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The Protective Archangel

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The Protective Archangel

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Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite

The Protective Archangel is a historical Christian fiction by Eduardo Mayen. It consists of three stories set in significant time periods, but they are intertwined. Year 30, Joseph of Arimathea is entrusted by an Angel to protect a cross Michael the Archangel will use in future centuries to free humans from physical and mental slavery. In 1492, a priest carrying the cross boards the Archangel, a fourth ship assigned to Christopher Columbus’ expedition that has troubles at sea. Miracles occur on a Maryland plantation in 1840 after the birth of a boy named Michael, whom slaves fondly call “Boson.” He spiritually motivates people with his wisdom and caring ways, but Andrew, his father, disbelieves that men are created equal and refuses to listen to Michael’s reasoning. Evil and jealousy seep through many sources, blinding Andrew into making rash decisions that affect the well-being of his family.

Be prepared to be swept through a riveting mystical fantasy when reading The Protective Archangel by Eduardo Mayen. The novel is an absorbing, intricate drama with a theme based on love and religious beliefs, and endearing fictitious characters. Eduardo Mayen has proven his capabilities as a writer by creating this unique book, which I found spiritually thought-provoking and deeply emotional due to the sequence of events. He has cleverly combined historical facts and fiction, and has a bold writing style I admire. The intriguing stories alternate per chapter, juggling from the past to present, so readers will easily follow the drama. I highly recommend this entertaining Christian novel.


I applaud Eduardo Mayén, for writing this beautiful novel about faith, hope and love. The world needs to read this book where love is the most important thing. The Protective Archangel's stories are engaging and they will touch your soul. A true gem for our time. Excellent Eduardo! I applaud you standing on my feet and I am impatient waiting for the sequel.

Perlita Hernandez

Los Angeles, California

"The Protective Archangel" is a book that seems to be coming alive as the reader turns the pages. An exciting novel that will transport you in time and show you the true meaning of love.

María P.

When I started this book I thought I had an idea of what it was about and where the story would go, but I was wrong and it was so much better than I anticipated. It evolves from one story to the next. The story's are part historical, part mystery, beautifully told. You fall in love with the characters and can't wait to see where their journey takes you.

Calille Maynard

This page looks amazing!! I love your photos :) What a beautiful family! A great novel and I can't wait to read thesequel!! Much love!

Julia Jemiola

Costa Mesa, California.

Great book I love it!!!!!!!!! I really want to read the sequel.

Emma Greenberg.

Bakersfield, California.

“How beautiful is everything we can share through writing, the thoughts, love and especially the history of our ancestors. Congratulations cousin, for the wonderful novel you give us today. There is no doubt in my heart that it will be a triumph. The most wonderful of a human being, is that he/she was made with the love of a perfect creator to His image and likeness, with the freedom to think through things and take action.”

Byron M.

Dallas, Texas.

“This book is great! I can't wait to read the sequel!”

Marie Tonini

Irvine, California.

“The book was amazing! I can't wait to read it!”

"The Protective Archangel" is a book that seems to be coming alive as the reader turns the pages. "

John B.

New York.

"An exciting novel that will transport you in time and show you the true meaning of love."

Victor C.

Irvine California.

"Simply amazing... Once I started to read, it was impossible to close the book."

"A brilliant and fascinating book."

"A captivating read and full of emotions."

"This book will be seen by everyone, God bless and thanks for sharing."

Byron Morán

 Dallas, Texas

"I just love the story, very fluid, allow you to build landscapes in the mind which is what you're looking when read. I was caught by the reading, thanks for the 1st. Chapter... The fiction is very close to reality, the divine is really part of the greatness of God ........."

Architect, Ivan M.  Guatemala City.

Your book has an adventurous spirit, which invites us to think that is worth dreaming! And enjoy it at once!

Mark T.

Guatemala City.